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Trampolines have long been something which both children and adults love, and even if you find that you don’t particularly like exercising, there’s something about bouncing up and down on a trampoline that can provide you with hours of fun. Whether you want to buy a trampoline for your children and their friends to play on, or you want something that you can use to tone up in the garden when the weather is suitable, there is a huge selection that you can choose from.

PreviewNameRatingPriceMore Details
Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Padexcellent$$Click Here!
TÜV Approved Zupapa® 12 14 15 Ft Trampoline Combinationvery good$$Click Here!
Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Padexcellent$$Click Here!
Ultega Trampoline Jumper with Safety Net, 8.25 - 14 ftvery good$$Click Here!
AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline with Mesh Padded Perimeter Safety Enclosure (Multiple Sizes)very good$$Click Here!

1. Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad

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One of the great things about this Skywalker trampoline is the sturdy and strong frame which it has. A common problem with trampolines is that they are often left outdoors throughout the whole year, and some people find that after spending a couple of hundred dollars on a nice trampoline, it’s completely ruined after one winter. The rust-resistant steel on this particular product, however, mean that you still need to look after it, but it will resist the rust as much as possible when the weather gets harsh. For best effects, make sure that you take it down in the winter or put it in a garage away from rain and snow.

Other features of this trampoline include the safety net which goes all the way around and provide ultimate safety for your children. With a 200 pound weight limit, it’s perfectly suitable for adults up to this weight too.


2. TÜV Approved Zupapa® 12 14 15 Ft Trampoline Combination

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People purchase this trampoline simply after seeing the words “TUV Approved”. The German company TUV has approved this product as being completely safe for children, so if you’ve been having any doubts about the safety and security of trampolines for your kids, you don’t have to worry with this one.

The 7-inch springs provide even more fun and entertainment for your family, as your children will find it almost effortless to bounce back and forth on the trampoline. The pole sleeves which come with this trampoline will ensure that your children aren’t harmed too badly if they accidentally bump or bang against the sides.

This combination doesn’t just come with the trampoline. For the price, you’ll get a manual, rain cover, safety pad, ladder, enclosure net and even a shoes bag.


3. Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad

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Reduced by more than 50%, this trampoline from Skywalker is very much like the 15-feet product mentioned above, only it’s smaller. While you might view this as a disadvantage at first, remember that not everybody has a lot of space in their gardens, and it might be much more suitable to get a smaller trampoline which takes up less space. The price is also lower since the product is smaller, and if your children are only young (they need to be at least 6 years old to use this trampoline), a small trampoline will be more than sufficient.

The T-sockets make sure that the trampoline is safe and secure for anybody who is using it, and previous buyers of this item have reported that it is incredibly easy to assemble, so don’t worry if you’re not a very good DIY-er!


4. Ultega Trampoline Jumper with Safety Net, 8.25 – 14 ft

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This modern trampoline has been hailed as one of the safest trampolines that you will get your hands on. You can expect to pay around $350 for this product, but if you’re the type of parent who is a little concerned about your children’s safety while they’re playing in the garden, you might be perfectly happy to pay the price to purchase this. The steel base and frame ensures that the trampoline will not fall over, even if your children are getting a little too excited and bouncing to their heart’s content. Be aware, however, that the maximum weight limit is 200 pounds, and if there is more than one child frantically bouncing at any given time, it may put unnecessary stress on the trampoline.

This comes with a manual which includes a variety of jumping exercises, so whether you have a child who wants to try out something new or you’re an adult who wants to see how effective it is in helping you to lose weight, you can make use of this from the minute you set up the product.

Children under 3 years of age shouldn’t use this trampoline for safety purposes, and you should keep the trampoline outside, since it’s been designed for outdoor use. You can, however, store it in a garage or shed if you so desire.


5. AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline with Mesh Padded Perimeter Safety Enclosure

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This trampoline comes in two different sizes – you can choose from either 8-feet or 12-feet and the price will reflect the size. You’ll pay just under $130 for the 8-feet version, while for the larger 12-feet trampoline, the cost is just over $200. When deciding on the size of the trampoline, remember to take into consideration how many children you have, how old (or how big) your children are and how much space you have in the garden.

If you’ve been put off by other trampolines which involved drilling and screwing in order to assemble them, this product will seem very easy by comparison. There is no drilling or other tools required during the set-up, and many parents have already reported that it’s very easy.

With a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, you can rest assured for twelve months that if anything does happen to go wrong, you’ll be eligible to get a replacement.

Safety certainly seems to be one of the main concerns of any parent who is looking to buy a trampoline for their children. It’s important to choose one which has a good safety net and sturdy frames. Many people will agree that it’s often worth going the extra mile and paying a bit more for something which is notable for providing extra security while your children are having fun in the garden on their new trampoline!


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