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If you own an AR, then you may already know how crucial a good bolt carrier group is. As a matter of fact, most issues with AR’s have to do with the bolt carrier group. The bolt carrier group is involved in pretty much every function of the gun, from firing all the way up to cocking and ejection. In this review, we’re going to examine 5 of the best bolt carrier groups on the market so you can make the right choice.

PreviewNameRatingPriceMore Details
Wmd Guns Part Nib-X Carrier Group/Hammer (Nibxbcg-0002)excellent$$$Click Here!
Fz M16/4 Basic Kit Bolt Carrier Sysexcellent$$$Click Here!
Parallax Tactical Phosphate AR-15 BCGgood$Click Here!
BCM Ar15 Bolt 5.56/223 Hp/mp Testedgood$Click Here!

1. Wmd Guns Part Nib-X Carrier Group/Hammer

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The Wmd Guns Part Nib-X Carrier Group/Hammer was designed with performance and reliability in mind. It was made to insure long uninterrupted riffle rounds with minimal maintenance. It features Nickel Boron case hardened and heat treated plating, environmentally safe anti-corrosive protection and is compatible with both Ar-15’s and M16’s.

What is most impressive with this belt carrier group is the extremely long period this bolt carrier allows between cleaning cycles. Some were able to fire up to 900 rounds straight without any maintenance, which is pretty impressive for a unit in its category, and this is mainly due to the state of the art Nickel Boron casing which is known for its extensive usage range. Users also were impressed by how smooth charging was using this unit. Another nice touch is the extractor which is also coated with Nickel Boron, which isn’t the case with most bolt carrier groups.

All in all, the Wmd Guns Part Nib-X Carrier Group/Hammer is a must for anyone who wants a top performing, durable and low maintenance belt carrier group with smooth operation; this is why we ranked this unit at number one on our list.

2. Fz M16/4 Basic Kit Bolt Carrier

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The FailZero M16/4 Basic Kit Bolt Carrier is a fully assembled bcg with a hammer and Nickel Boron coating. This unit works with M16’s, M4’s and AR-15’s and features a slick Nickel plated finish.

What sets this unit from the rest is the patented EXO technology that allows it to run with no lube whatsoever, which is really convenient when compared with other belt carrier group that need constant lubrication to function properly. What is great with this unit is that it comes fully assembled straight out the box which allows you to install it in seconds.

Another thing that is great about this unit is how nice it looks. For people who care about esthetics, this is one of the best looking bcg’s we’ve came across so far. The Nickel plated finish really gives it some panache. The only issues we had with this belt carrier group is that the non coated parts might need more maintenance and that it is on the most expensive end of the spectrum. However, if you need quality, you have to pay for it and the convenience this belt carrier group offers greatly makes up for the cost. This is why we ranked this unit at number 2 on our list.

3. Parallax Tactical Phosphate AR-15 BCG

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The Parallax Tactical Phosphate AR-15 BCG is a heavy duty, Nickel Boron coated bcg produced by the Parallax company based in southern California. This unit can fire up to 2000 rounds of ammo without any maintenance and is particle tested and comes equipped with a firing pin.

What really sets this unit apart is how affordable it is. This unit performs just as well as any stock issued bcg’s for only a fraction of the price. This is probably the most affordable bcg you’ll find of this quality. Also, this unit is also incredibly reliable for its price. It can fire thousands of rounds with no misfire, double feed or ejecting issues.

The only problem with this unit is that it is not the most esthetically pleasing. The black finish can seem a little dull, but that’s only a minor issue when you consider all of the unit’s benefits. We give this bcg a number 3 ranking on our list.

4. Bravo Company BC group AUTP

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The Bravo Company BC group AUTP is a fully assembled chrome lined bcg with a parkerized exterior manufactured by the Bravo company, a prestigious part company based in Hartland, WI which counts the SOCOM, US navy and US Marines as its list of clients.

You can tell the years of experience and dedication the Bravo company has when looking at this bcg. It meets all USGI specifications and shot peened for extra power. It was also particle tested and heat treated for more durability.

Customers were particularly impressed with the unit’s reliability, reporting several rounds of service without any interruptions. While some have reported some minor marks and brass residues upon reception, the unit was one of the most well produced on the market. The only flaw with this BCG is that it is rather expensive, so if you have a limited budget, this bcg isn’t for you. For all these reasons, the Bravo Company BC groups AUTP lands at number 4 on our list.

5.BCM Ar15 Bolt 5.56/223 Hp/mp Tested

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The BCM Ar15 Bolt 5.56/223 Hp/mp Tested is made of Mil-spec carpenter No.158® steel. The MPI (magnetic particle inspected) and HPT (high pressure tested) bolt is shot peened giving it superior strength, which should give you thousands of rounds of service with no issues. It also comes with a black extractor insert and a Mil-spec O-ring made of military grade materials and meets all military specifications.

Another great thing about this bcg is that the extractor spring is made of tool steel. This gives the BCM extractor spring hardness and high heat resistance and also reduces failure.

Most users were thoroughly satisfied with this unit and said that it fitted perfectly in their bolt carrier and reported no issues whatsoever. However, we have to say that it was pretty expensive for just the bolt, but it is backed by BCM’s superior craftsmanship and quality. This bolt will make a great addition to your Ar15 and with the name BCM behind it, it’s difficult to go wrong. This is why we put the BCM Ar15 Bolt 5.56/223 Hp/mp at number 5 on our list.

Using the right bcg can make a world of difference in performance when firing rounds. A bad bcg will give you tons of trouble and will make the firing experience a lot less enjoyable. Choose wisely, and you will get the best performance out of your AR if you choose the right belt carrier group for your needs.

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